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Make a difference with your dog portraits

Of course your experience will be your treasure only! Memories that will be only for you and your dog! But your bespoke Artwork will make a difference for other dogs as well. Why is that?

With any purchased Artwork 5 percent of your investment will be donated for dog shelters in the district of Leiria. There are many non-profit animal shelter organisations like the "APAMG - Associação Protectora Animais Marinha Grande". Sustaining themselves by volunteers and donations without any governmental support, they help various abandoned dogs that are waiting for their forever home.It's exactly these shelters that need our support to be able continuing their priceless work and effort to provide shelter for dogs in need. I have just visited and supported a dogshelter in Leiria through photography, trying to capture the beauty of each single dog there, hoping to help them find a caring forever home!



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