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Beauty lies in the simplest things of life

A documentary that literally takes you on a truffle hunt in the north of Italy. Not only is the movie a piece of art itself with its beautiful takes, the play with contrasts, lights & shadows and change of perspectives, but it shows the deep connection humans can establish with their dogs. Scenes that show these unique skills dog's have that we humans could only wish for. Daily, but fulfilling moments between dogs & their owners that touched my heart so deeply. Fears, that all of us dogmums & dads feel and rather not think about and still they remain reality.

Get comfortable on your sofa together with your dog(s) and enjoy this masterpiece while giving your dog a lovely belly rub!

A documentary that reminds us to slow down, look around and be grateful for what surrounds us. It is the simple things that can be so fulfilling and heartwarming. A reminder to be grateful for having a dog in your life that loves you more than anything!


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