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Soaring Stars: Frisbee Dogs in Action

This past weekend, I had a thrilling photography session, capturing dogs in (flying) action.

The Perfect Setting: Golden Hour in a New Location

Our session took place in the late evening, a time known to photographers as the "golden hour." The light is soft, warm, and absolutely perfect for capturing beautiful moments. However, the twist was that this location was entirely new to me. Navigating the unfamiliar terrain added an exciting challenge to the shoot.

Meet the Stars: High-Flying Frisbee Dogs

First up was Concha, a young & speedy Podengo-Beagle mix with boundless energy and an impressive non-stop running ability. Joining her was Flor, an adorable and talented rescue dog whose charm shone brightly throughout the session. 

The Results: Joy Captured in Every Frame

Each photo was a testament to the athleticism and teamwork of these amazing dogs and their mom and trainer, Catarina. Despite the challenges of a new location and the tricky lighting conditions, the session was a great success. It was a beautiful reminder that sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zones can lead to the most rewarding experiences.

Here are the first photographs of the session! Stay tuned, more are about to come!

Calling All Dog Moms & Dads:

If you’ve ever thought about capturing your dog’s playful spirit or cute & gentle soul, don’t hesitate! The bond between you and your dog, their joy in the moment, and the magic of Portugal’s nature will create photographs that you’ll treasure forever.


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