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The perfect tim for your dog photography experience

Many times, we postpone things that are very important to us. Many times, we regret later on, that we waited to long and now it’s too late. This also counts for experiences such as a dogphotography session.

So what is the ideal time for a dog photography experience with your dog?

There are some beneficial weather conditions for a great photographs.

It’s likely to think that sunny days are perfect for a photography session with your dog because of the warm temperature. However for natural outdoor dogphotography I consider the opposite as ideal: cooler, cloudier days are perfect for your photography experience because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Your dog stays comfortable and has a much more beautiful facial expression than typical panting during a hot day

  2. Clouds work like a “natural soft box” that creates a very soft look on your dog’s coat.

  3. There is more creative freedom in the fine art editing process on a cloudy day rather than in harsh sunlight to create stunning art.

Coming back to the question in the beginning: What is the perfect time for a photography session? Even though the weather has an effect on the final result, I can answer you this question with certainty. The perfect time is now. Whether your dog is a puppy and grows so fast that it feels like time flys or you and your dog have built a very strong and solid relationship throughout the last years or your dog is a senior and you are fighting against the fear of your journey with him ending to soon. Celebrate the phase that you are passing through with your dog and let me help you capture the magic of the dog that means the world to you! Because these moments pass faster than we want them to. I know that too well, as I don't have any beautiful puppy photos of my dogs. Is this also your case? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below!



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